About Us

The Strategic Counsel is the specialist provider of strategic, government and regulatory advice to companies in the health and medical technology sectors in Australia. Each senior member of the team has been a leader in the corporate, political or bureaucratic spheres.

The Hon. Dr Michael Wooldridge

Michael is a medical practitioner who entered Federal Parliament in 1987, at the age of thirty.  He is a former Deputy Leader of the Federal Liberal Party and served in a variety of portfolios in Opposition and Government, most notably as Australia's Minister for Health for just under 6 years between 1996 and 2001.  He is the longest serving Coalition Health Minister in over 40 years. On his retirement, Australia's most respected living scientist, Professor Sir Gustav Nossal, publicly described him as “Australia's greatest ever Health Minister”.

In addition to his time as Health Minister, in Government Michael was one of five Senior Ministers who made up Cabinet's Expenditure Review Committee.  He was involved in formulating six Federal Budgets, a level of experience only matched or exceeded by three others in the last 25 years. This gives him an unprecedented understanding of Government funding processes. His detailed knowledge and understanding of health care; health policy; political and bureaucratic processes, culture and thinking is unmatched in Australia.  He is widely respected.

Michael also was an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine at Monash University.

Michael is currently Chairman of the CRC in Mental Health Science and the Chair of the Australian Institute of Tropical Health Medicine.


Elizabeth Cuming

Elizabeth has joined the team at The Strategic Counsel having worked as a portfolio professional for over 25 years. Elizabeth's strategic abilities and leadership approach have consistently achieved results across both private and public sector organisations. Elizabeth has worked and held leadership roles in many industry sectors including Pharmacy, Healthcare, Wholesale, Retail, Manufacturing, Higher Education, Professional Services, Franchise and Loyalty.


Sam Dastyari

Sam has joined the team at The Strategic Counsel bringing with him a deep and detailed understanding of the culture and inner workings of federal and state Labor.

Sam joined the ALP at age 16. By 21 he had become President of NSW young Labor, and at 24 a delegate to Labor's National Conference. At 30 he was appointed to the all powerful Australian Labor Party National Executive. Sam entered the Senate at age 30 and in under three years entered the Shadow Cabinet as Manager of Opposition business in the Senate.


Tim Grogan

Tim Grogan has over 24 years' experience in the management of regulated and high growth businesses in the health and life sciences industries. He has had significant exposure to the agriculture, food and human health sectors in the Australia, US, UK and New Zealand.

Tim has used his multidisciplinary background in science and law to focus on growth through innovation, strategy development and the successful commercial development of new ventures and partnerships with strong corporate governance. Tim has led the development of 11 new commercial businesses.

Tim spent seven years with ASX-listed virology company Starpharma and was most recently the Managing Director of UK-based company Regenerys, providing services to cryopreserve human adipose tissue for use in reconstructive surgery in the NHS hospitals. Tim is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a qualified Yachtmaster.

Rebecca McCarthy

Bec joined The Strategic Counsel in August 2015 from working with a legal firm. Bec has provided executive support and a wider range of assistance for both TSC and the industry associations it manages. She regularly liaises with account and legal firms, providing updates to ASIC, preparing budgets and coordinating logistic support for TSC events.


Ulrike Schuermann

Ulrike assists the Strategic Counsel with social media marketing and optimising the online presence of both TSC and its clients. She also administers a grant programme for one of TSC clients.